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Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of payment do you accept?

The preferred MavFunder payment method is credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Payment by check, cash and Venmo can also be accepted. Please clearly note which crowdfunding project your gift is intended for. All checks should be made out to and mailed to:

Colorado Mesa University Foundation
1100 North Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Venmo gifts can be made with the QR code:

What is the minimum gift amount?

The minimum gift amount through MavFunder is $5. There is no maximum. You may also make multiple gifts to the same project.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, all gifts made to the Colorado Mesa University Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. A tax-deductible receipt will be provided for the amount of your gift.

What percentage of my gift goes to the project?

100% of the funds you contribute will go toward the selected project.

How is my contact information used?

Your contact information is only used to process your credit card payment. When you make a gift, the only personal information provided to project managers is first name, last name, email address and gift amount.

Can I make an anonymous gift?

Yes, when making a gift there is an option to remain anonymous. Otherwise your name and contribution amount will be displayed.

Who is eligible to fundraise through MavFunder?

Current Colorado Mesa University students, faculty and staff.

Are alumni eligible to fundraise through MavFunder?

No, not at this time.

How do I know if the campaign reaches its goal?

All progress can be monitored through the specific project page on the MavFunder platform. Additionally, project managers are required to provide regular progress reports to donors throughout the campaign and upon completion.

What happens if a campaign exceeds its fundraising goal?

Each of the campaign teams has identified a set of baseline tasks and goals in addition to a set of “stretch goals”. Should a campaign be fortunate enough to exceed its funding goal, the additional funds will be utilized to help the team reach the campaign stretch goals as identified in their campaign pages.

What happens if a project doesn’t meet its goal?

Campaign managers receive all funds earned, whether or not the goal is met. If a goal is not met, project creators must designate all funds toward a portion of the specific goals outlined in the project description.

Can I ask questions about campaigns?

If you would like more information about MavFunder at Colorado Mesa University, please contact:

Tina Kleespies Director of Annual Giving
[email protected]