"Send a Cow to College"

Building the Future Herd from Your Culls

Help develop the future of the ranching industry through your gift of livestock that will fund scholarships for students who are pursuing a degree in Agriculture through the Western Colorado Community College, a division of Colorado Mesa University, or other programs of your choosing. 

A herd of cattleGifts of Livestock

Ranchers looking to minimize their tax liability can donate livestock to the Colorado Mesa University Foundation to support the Agriculture Program at Western Colorado Community College while reducing their taxable income.

When the legal ownership of livestock is transferred to the CMU Foundation before it is sold, the producer will not have taxable income from the sale. The livestock is then sold by the CMU Foundation at the sale barn however the producer can still deduct production costs on their income taxes. Tax savings may be realized on federal income tax, state income tax and self-employment tax, depending on the donor’s specific circumstances. As with any charitable gift, it’s best to consult your tax advisor before making the gift.

Steps to Donating an Animal:

1. Contact the CMU Foundation and let them know you wish to donate livestock for the benefit of the WCCC Agriculture Program. 

2. Complete the Deed of Gift form and have a Brand Inspector transfer ownership of the animal to the CMU Foundation prior to the sale of the animal.  

3. Deliver the donated animal to the sale barn along with the brand inspection document, a copy of Deed of Gift, and instructions for the sale barn provided by the CMU Foundation.

4. Know that you have provide needed funds to help student working in the Ag Program at Western Colorado Community College!  

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that the sale barn knows prior to the sale which animal belongs to the CMU Foundation and completes the appropriate paper work. 


Janie Van Winkle and WCCC Ag students

Janie Van Winkle, first donor to "send a cow to college" and four Ag students who will benefit from her, and husband Howard's, generosity.


Cow being auctioned to benefit the WCCC Ag Program

 The first donated cow being auctioned off at the Western Slope Cattlemen's Livestock Auction in February of 2015.


Rick Adleman, Associate Director of Development

"The agriculture program in Grand Junction (WCCC/CMU) is great!  I have enjoyed the hands-on learning and creativity that is put into each class.  We are so lucky to have a program like this."

—Alyssa Foss




Alyssa Foss

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