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Global Health Telluride Ski Program

Shane AndersonShane Anderson, a non-traditional CMU student who is married and holds a previous degree in psychology, entered the nursing program at CMU in January of 2012. His lead instructor of nursing, Beverly Lyne, was developing a global health program and Anderson spotted an opportunity. "I had worked for Telluride in various capacities," said Anderson. "When I began the nursing program, I envisioned a change from helping people have a good vacation to helping people improve their daily living. When the Global Health Program was organized by my instructor, I saw an opportunity to combine two great concepts for a greater good."

The result? "Our discussions led to a great ski pass product that allowed people to support the Global Health 2013 project while also getting a deal on ski tickets," Anderson said. "Through Telluride Ski and Golf Company's assistance, along with private donors, we were able to take 14 students and faculty members to rural Nicaragua—supplying underdeveloped areas with nursing care, medical supplies and our personal attention."

Chuck Horning, the medically trained owner of the Telluride Ski and Golf Company, shares Anderson's passion for global health, and sympathized with the aims of CMU's Global Health Project. Horning's business future was greatly influenced by these experiences. A believer in collaboration and community spirit, he could see the need for the CMU program. "I was drawn to Shane's efforts and thought this was a great idea," he said. "I liked the fact that we could partner with the university."

Colorado Trust and Trustee John Hopkins

Supporting CMU Nursing School

John Hopkins and Nursing Students

"When I told the level-one nursing students today of the gift from John Hopkins and the Colorado Trust, their faces lit up with smiles," said Debra Bailey, Department Head at Moss School of Nursing at CMU. "There is nothing like giving an eager person, ready to learn, a tool of the trade."

Bailey was referring to a recent gift of special nursing shoes and stethoscopes bestowed upon the CMU nursing program by the Colorado Trust via Trustee John Hopkins. The trust's mission is "advancing the health and well-being of the people of Colorado."

"I am a strong believer in the value of higher education. Recognizing the significant role CMU plays in this arena, I wanted to support the university in its mission ... because of my background in healthcare, I understand the need for healthcare professionals and the important roles that nurses fill in our healthcare system. I wanted to support the education and training of new nurses," Hopkins said. "I am particularly happy to support CMU because I recognize the value and contributions the organization brings to our community, the Western Slope and to the lives of the individuals it educates."

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