Top Reasons to Give

  1. Your gift, large or small, directly impacts the lives of students at CMU. When combined with all other gifts from alumni, friends, business' and foundations, the impact for our students is astounding.
  2. Any student who has the ability to succeed academically should have the opportunity to attend CMU. Every dollar given to a scholarship fund creates greater access for students of varying means and circumstances.
  3. The opportunity to pursue higher education is limited for many students by financial pressures made greater by decreased state funding. Just a few years ago, the state paid 80 percent of the cost of a CMU education. Today the state contributes less than 20 percent. This makes even the relatively affordable costs of attending CMU out of reach for many students.
  4. CMU has had the lowest tuition increases in the state for the past three years. In order to maintain that excellence and stay competitive with other universities in the state, we need your support.
  5. Charitable giving supports excellence in the sciences, business, the arts, health sciences or athletics. It is the donor's choice.
  6. Giving serves as one of the measures by which corporations and foundations choose to support CMU. Your gift, no matter the size, can help spur additional gifts to CMU.
  7. Neither the University nor the Foundation takes a fee from gifts, which means 100 percent of every charitable gift supports the donor's designated goal.
  8. All charitable gifts are tax deductible when given through the CMU Foundation 501 (c) (3).
  9. There are many ways to give, from annual gifts to endowments,wills and trusts.

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