The General Scholarship fund is comprised of many gifts from alumni, businesses, and friends. Because the scholarships in this fund are not limited by exclusive criteria, the university may assist students with the most urgent and critical need for tuition assistance.

Recurring scholarship gifts are often multi-year pledges and may also support the General Scholarship fund. However, the donor may indicate criteria such as grade point average, area of study or other stipulations.

Perpetual scholarships are endowed gifts. The principal is invested to grow over time and the earnings fund scholarships in perpetuity. The initial donor or others may continue to add to the principal. The donor may prescribe criteria to support a variety of student interests and needs. Endowments are living gifts because they will always provide funding for CMU students and programs.

If you would like to contribute to an existing scholarship, select other in the Designation drop down box below and type in the name of the scholarship.

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