College and Career Advisors

What is the program? CMU has partnered with Mesa County Valley School District 51 and Montrose County Schools to implement college and career advisors in the county's high schools, including Grand Junction, Fruita Monument, Central, Palisade, Montrose, Olathe and Peak Virtual Academy. 

The mission of the College and Career Advisors program is to ensure high school seniors and their families gain an in-depth perspective on the different ways they can better themselves after graduation - whether that is continuing on to higher education, pursuing internship opportunities or joining the military. 

How you can help 
The CMU Foundation is seeking funding for the implementation of the program, as well as scholarships dedicated specifically for District 51 and Montrose County students. In order to increase the level of educational attainment in Mesa County, we must also make post-secondary education and training affordable and accessible. 

CMU is committed to providing the resouces necessary to improve post-secondary education. An important component of the success of the program will be investment from the community. Consider making gift today.

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