Mission and Board

The mission of the Colorado Mesa University Foundation is to strengthen educational opportunities at Colorado Mesa University through the generation and distribution of all gift assets. The foundation serves as the depository for all charitable gifts and acts in a fiduciary capacity as exclusive agent for donor activity.


2020 Foundation Board-Simons
Jamee Simons, President

Mark Gardner, Vice President

Jeff Taets, Secretary/Treasurer

Karen MadsenKaren Madsen, Past President

 Jennie Aubert Foundation board
Jennie Aubert

Foundation Board Kevin Brooks
Kevin Brooks

 2020 Foundation Board-Chamberlain
Kelianne Chamberlain

Ed Chamberlin
Ed Chamberlin

2020 Foundation Board-HegstromAngela Hegstrom

2017 Foundation Board Higgins
Joe Higgins

Dave Patterson
Dave Patterson

Phil Pe'a

Dan Rubinstein Foundation board
Dan Rubinstein

Tish Saunders