Doug Van Etten Memorial Scholarship Fund

Doug Van Etten was an adventurer, explorer, organizer and community leader.


Doug had so many hats it is impossible to cover his larger-than-life personality. Above all else, Doug loved the outdoors, especially when he could bring others along and share his enthusiasm.


When Doug and his wife, Mary Hertert, moved to Fruita, Colorado in 2011 they discovered that archaeological sites, particularly prehistoric rock art, abounds in the region.


Since he always wanted to learn about the area where he lived and was interested in the prehistoric sites he researched and discovered the Grand Junction Chapter of the Colorado Archaeology Society (CAS) had become inactive. To Doug that was a challenge. He had the Chapter Charter reactivated, resumed public lectures and convinced local experts to lead field trips to and explain the sites.


He also built partnerships with Colorado Mesa University and professional archeologists researching in this region. Within six years, thanks to Doug’s drive and energy, the chapter was restored to a community of professional and avocational archaeologists and engaged amateurs.


For this achievement the members of the Grand Junction Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society created and endowed the Doug Van Etten Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund supports selected students enrolled at Colorado Mesa University who are engaged in archaeological and related studies. We urge you to consider a donation and by giving know that Doug’s enthusiasm for archaeology will be sustained.


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