About Athletics MavFunder

Athletics MavFunder is the official crowdfunding platform for the Athletics Department of Colorado Mesa University. Crowdfunding is the practice of fundraising for a specific athletic team by sharing the campaign through personal networks.

All crowdfunding projects featured on the Athletic MavFunder website must be initiated by the Athletics Department at Colorado Mesa University for the benefit of its student athletes. It is completely free to use so 100% of the funds donated go to the specified sporting event/project. To be truly successful, fundraisers are encouraged to share their story and projects via their social media networks, email and other online connections.  To view the starter guide go to: MavFunder Campaign Starter Guide.

One of the best features is anyone can contribute to any Athletics MavFunder campaign! Therefore, your donation dollars go to the event or projects that align with your philanthropic goals.

Due to the dynamic nature of different sports being in & out throughout the school year, the list of available campaigns will vary over time.